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Me out for a walk on the clifftops at Jan Juc before brunch with the girls.

Life's a Picnic started as a place for me to keep my recipes, and things I found out about cooking and baking in one convenient spot I could access easily from anywhere (ie the supermarket). But then I thought why not share it with other people who love fresh, healthy and delicious food too, and that maybe they would like to share their ideas and recipes with me.


So I'm Nic and I'm not a chef but I do love to plan and cook meals, and to share them with my family and friends. I also love to take pics of food I'm eating or cooking, hence Picnic...


I am passionate about real food. You won't find many superfoods or green smoothies here. Not that I don't like or believe in them, I just like eating variety of foods that taste great. I use butter, cream, salt and sugar in moderation. I believe in hidden vegetables (what they can't see they can't complain about) and in portion control. For me regular exercise is good for the soul as well as allowing me to eat things I enjoy.


Anyone can cook these recipes. I don't have fancy gadgets (like a Thermomix), everything I do is on the electric stove top or in the electric oven, and I don't even have that many pots and pans - it's just a garden variety kitchen. The pics too are simple, just me with my iphone, though sometimes Noel or Connor help if I have dirty hands.


I hope that this site can become an online community where people can share recipes and stories, with a glass of wine or cup of tea in hand. So thanks for popping by, I hope you find something helpful or delicious. Please share your recipes and let me know what you think of mine.




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