Quick Fish Tacos

I've been home alone most of the week which means a couple of things... my house is tidy and I can eat what I like. I made things I've already blogged and one night I had eggs on toast, but I did make these quick and easy fish tacos on Monday when it was 36C and it was a total fire ban. I would normally do them on the BBQ but that wasn't happening so I stayed inside and did them in the pan. I halved the recipe for just me - usually I would use one smallish fillet per person and adjust the other ingredients in proportion (anyway this is for 2).


2 Gummy Shark fillets - cut into finger sized guijons

2 chillis - finely chopped

2 cloves of garlic - finely chopped

2 limes - zested and halved

1/2 a bunch of coriander

Olive oil

Salt and pepper

1/2 a punnet of cherry tomatoes - chopped

1 avocado - chopped

1 tin of red kidney beans - drained

1 tsp Chipotle sauce

A packet of soft tortillas

Chipotle mayonnaise to serve (you can make your own - I didn't this time)


Chop the garlic, chilli and 1/4 of the coriander, zest the limes and put into the mortar and pestle with some salt, pepper and a splash of oil and bash until you form a smooth paste. Chop the fish into guijons and pour over your marinade, tossing until all the fish is coated.

Chop the tomoatoes, advocado and the rest of the coriander, drain the kidney beans and place in a bowl with salt and pepper, the juice of one of the limes and the chipotle sauce, and mix thoroughly.

Heat a non stick pan (or your BBQ if it is not a total fire ban) and add a dash of oil. Pop in the fish guijons and any left over marinade and fry, turning regularly for about 8 mins (or until cooked through). Once they are cooked remove the pan from heat, squeeze the juice of one of the limes over the fish and toss in the pan.

To serve, gently heat the tortillas as per the instructions on the pack and pop a layer of the kidney bean salsa in the middle of the tortilla and then a couple of fish guijons on the top. Add a dash of chipotle mayo, wrap it up and voila dinner is served. I steamed some corn as well (usually I would BBQ it but...) with a squeeze of lime juice, pepper and some parmesan which was delicious - I will post the proper Mexican corn recipe soon through - it is way better but needs the BBQ to work well. Anyway enjoy and more importantly enjoy the extra time you will have because this literally takes 15 minutes. I had a swim in the sea when I got home from yoga and gave myself a pedicure! xx

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