Lemon and Parsley crumbed flake

As the weather has started to warm up (not very consistently) we have had a bit of a fish blitz at our house and I am loving anything with home made bread crumbs, they are so easy and lift a dish a notch or too, plus you can flavour them to suit your mood. I just love fresh gummy shark or flake, it is such an easy fish to cook with and the lovely seawater flavour works with just about anything. This is one of my own creations, it's an easy go to on a week night and served with a salad, tartare sauce and a baked potato or two keeps everyone happy! Enjoy xx


2 gummy shark fillets (not too thick - they take too long to cook through and will darken your crust too much, see above pic!!)

4 slices of multi grain bread - roughly pulled apart

A handful of parsley - roughly chopped

The zest of one lemon

Sea salt and pepper

1 egg - lightly beaten

A couple of handfuls of plain flour - for dipping

A generous lug of olive oil - for frying


Put the bread, parsely, lemon zest, salt and pepper in the food processor (I just use a hand blender in a deep narrow container) and blend until you have a fine crumb. Tip out onto a flat plate. Lightly beat an egg and tip out onto a flat plate. Place your flour onto a flat plate. Dip your fish into the flour, making sure its lightly covered with no gaps, then cover with the egg. Lastly dip it into the crumbs, making sure the whole surface is covered. Allow to rest for 5 minutes.

Heat your oil in a large non stick pan on high, you should have about a centimetre over the whole pan. Throw a couple of breadcrumbs in and when they start to sizzle you will know it is hot. Add the fish and fry for a couple of minutes on each side to brown the crumbs. To finish cooking the fish through turn the heat to medium and cover with a lid turning every minute. The cooking time largely depends on the thickness of the fillet. on average it will take about 10 minutes but you will have to check as you go by sliding a knife into the middle of the fillet - when it's cooked it will slide in and out very easily.

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