Pea and Goats' Cheese Risotto good enough to make you rise from the dead.

Ok, that is an exaggeration but it is yum. Good news, I am not dead. I have just had a recipe hiatus and not enough time to think of new things to cook or to cook them, but… I am back. This one is a great mid-week dinner. It pleases me because I love risotto and goats’ cheese and the boys because it has BACON. If you felt you needed more veggies you could throw in some asparagus. I think I’ll do that next time. Enjoy!

Pea and Goats' Cheese Risotto with crispy Bacon


1 litre chicken stock

25g butter

1 onion finely chopped

200g bacon chopped into match sticks

1 bunch fresh thyme

500g arborio rice

200ml white wine

2000g frozen peas

A few good handfuls of baby spinach

Sea salt

Freshly ground black pepper

75g Parmesan cheese finely grated

100g goats’ cheese


Heat the stock in a saucepan while you chop the onion and bacon and remove the thyme leaves.

In a non-stick heavy based pan heat the butter. Fry the onion, bacon and thyme over a medium heat for about 8 minutes until the onion is soft and fragrant. Add the rice and turn up the pan so it almost fries for a minute, stirring until the rice begins to look a bit translucent.

Add the wine and keep stirring, it’s risotto you stir! Add a ladle for of hot stock and a pinch of salt. Turn the heat down a bit so the rice is simmering but not burning and keep adding ladlesful of stock, stirring constantly and allowing the stock to be absorbed before adding more. I alternated with lid on and off here to help the rice to cook faster.

When you only have a couple of lots of stock left add the peas and spinach, and the stock, stir and cover to cook through. Hopefully then the rice is cooked too!

Remove the pan from the heat and stir in the goats’ cheese and parmesan. Sprinkle a little bit more goats’ cheese and some black pepper over the top and serve immediately.

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